“The Hungry Owl Project is a much needed and very important initiative. I hope that every bird lover, every nature lover, will support it. Let us ensure that these marvelous birds, with their huge eyes and silent flight will be around to bring magic to the night long after we are gone. Their future lies in our hands.”

Jane Goodall, Ph.D, DBE

Founder-The Jane Goodall Institute


For Owls & Our Shared Environment”

The Hungry Owl Project was founded in 2001. Our primary goal has been educating the public about owl conservation and the damage that rodent poisons can do to owls and so many other species of wildlife. We strive to be part of the solution. We have already installed over 1500 Barn Owl nesting boxes in farms, ranches, golf courses, olive groves and vineyards in an effort to provide safe, efficient cost effective rodent control.

When natural rodent predators decline due to consuming poisoned prey, the rodent populations increase. In response more poisons are applied and more predators die. Barn Owls are our ally in controlling destructive rodent populations. Found on every continent except Antarctica, their numbers have been declining drastically worldwide, largely due to the use of rodent poisons. To protect our owl populations, we need to eliminate the use of these poisons and encourage Barn Owls as a part of the solution in controlling rodents naturally, along with an Integrated Pest Management approach. Bringing the ecosystem back to a natural balance again is vital to securing a healthy ecosystem for the future.

The Hungry Owl Project hosts several educational owl cams, reunited and rescued 752 baby owls and hawks, fostered over 145 orphaned Barn Owls, maintains a Vineyard Box Management Program and has sponsored 321 education presentation and events.